Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bob Crow - Don't mourn. Organise

It seems appropriate to use the last words of Joe Hill "Don't mourn. Organise." but it is likely that trade union activists will be doing both.

At a time when the trade union leaders have been tame in the extreme and the Labour traitors have been getting away with murder, it was good to find one union leader who did not buy that rubbish and stood up for his members. We need more like that!

It is hypocritical humbug for Boris Johnson to talk about respecting Bob Crow. Boris did not come close to understanding Bob Crow or anyone else outside his privileged elite.

Ken Livingstone pointed to the effectiveness of the RMT under Bob Crow's leadership and this was echoed in the Daily Mirror. I do not doubt the genuineness of these sentiments. Nevertheless they would have opposed Bob Crow when he was alive and feel safe to praise him now.

So the best legacy for Bob Crow will be to pursue the ideals of a trade union movement which responds to the needs of its members and acts as an organiser of victories not an accomplice of defeats. And certainly the goal of a new workers' party is one which will not be abandoned. Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we'll keep the Red Flag flying here!

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Derek McMillan said...

John Tyrrell writes:

When I proposed an annual commemoration of the 1972 Battle of Saltley Gate Bob was in the midst of dealing with union action. I still had personal replies from Bob together with Billy Hayes. Still waiting for others to respond. Yes the best thing we can do for Bob is to carry on. I shall be meeting another determined leader this Saturday. Arthur Scargill was instrumental, along with Birmingham Trades Unionists and activists in bringing out 30,000 Birmingham workers in support of the miners then. I believe their success then led to the determination of Thatcher to do everything possible to halt the miners in 1984/5. Today's legacy of austerity stem She did much more than that. Today's legacy of governments working with corporate interests is destroying lives across the globe. Labour adopted Thacherite policies too, so we need people like Bob. Let's pick up the fight. There is no other fitting memorial!