Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Misunderstanding of - update is the clever little name the ad men came up with for the centralisation of medical records. The basic idea, we are told, is to improve patient care so that medical records can be accessed by health-care professionals.   The government has delayed implementation of the scheme because of "public misunderstanding" of the idea.

I am sure some patients "misunderstand" what centralising medical records will mean. Some understand only too well. The NHS plans to sell private medical data to drug companies and insurance companies, some of which are hell-bent on privatising the health service.

So you can see that patients might be a little suspicious of the government's plans.

And to add fuel to the flames, the government has appointed ATOS to oversee the extraction of GP records to the system. You can, if you like, ask any disabled person what they think of ATOS in the context of "care". ATOS's brutal administration of the government's plan to cut the benefit bill has made their brand so "toxic" that they are seeking to ditch the contract ahead of time. Perhaps IDS has the clowns of G4S in mind for the job?

If you say anything to your doctor in confidence it is presumably not your intention that ATOS and whoever they sell the data to should also be privy to the information. It is possible to opt out of this scheme and many doctors are sympathetic to patients who want to do so.

The retreat of ATOS from the DWP's cruel schemes to attack the disabled is a victory for campaigners such as Brighton Benefits Campaign. To ditch this grubby little scam would be another one.

It seems the cost of liberty really is eternal vigilance :)

Forms to opt out of this dodgy scheme are available here

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