Saturday, February 08, 2014

Home Office: People's lives are worth more than Gift Vouchers

I received this from "Justice and Peace". I think the purpose of the petition is to draw attention to the cruel practices of the home office. They can see no end to their wickedness because they assume the general public are ignorant.

The UK Home Office is bribing its employees to send asylum-seekers back to potentially deadly situations.

For asylum-seekers, finding safe residence in Britain can literally be a matter of life and death.
But for Home Office employees, it's a matter of a gift voucher for high street.
According to official documents, when Home Office employees win the fight to deport asylum-seekers, they're rewarded with gift vouchers, cash bonuses or extra holidays.
More than undermining confidence in the fairness of the system, the incentives program supports a policy of cruelty -- sending asylum-seekers back to countries where they can face persecution, torture, imprisonment or worse.
It also motivates UK Home Office to delay cases they think they might lose,
wasting taxpayers' money and other employees' time.
Rewarding people for jeopardizing the lives of others must not be tolerated. Tell the Home Office to withdraw these cruel incentives at once.  

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