Sunday, February 09, 2014

Adventure in Cyberspace

Fighting against his mind and his body Terry hauled himself out of bed and ran through his basic tai chi exercises. They were like warm-up exercises. He woke feeling like death and when he had finished he felt like death warmed-up.

When he had first retired he had spent a month in bed getting out only for meals and calls of nature. It was a mistake but at the time it seemed like a glorious rebellion against the tyranny of work which had dominated his life for 50 years.

And in the end he had run out of books.

Now he would make his way to the library. It was free and it was warm and a magnet for people of a certain age on those grounds.

After an hour with the newspapers, unless old George was hogging the Guardian again, it was off for a coffee at a fairly clean café (well it was clean enough if he left his glasses off) and back to the library to catch his hour on the computer. A portal opened up to another world.

"The Library" is an adventure in cyberspace

It is just one of the stories in "The Mirror of Eternity"



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