Friday, January 10, 2014

Conservative Party Fraud

To arrest a Conservative for fraud is a bit like arresting a duck for quacking. The Kings Science Academy in Bradford is backed by Conservative vice chairman Alan Lewis and was visited and praised by David Cameron in 2012.

The Kings Science Academy is at the centre of allegations of "serious failings" in its financial management. Sajid Raza, the Tory genius who set up the school, has now been arrested. We have to add that he is innocent until proven guilty. So is every other Tory :) If one Tory goes to prison for fraud what about the rest of them?

It is one of three high-profile free schools to be at the centre of a controversy, with the Discovery New School in West Sussex being ordered to shut due to poor standards and the future of the Al Madinah Free School in Derby in doubt following two scathing Ofsted inspections.

Somebody is making a complete Gove-up of the education system.

Who could it possibly be?

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