Wednesday, January 01, 2014

BBC lies about Bulgarian and Romanian migrants

The BBC news on New Year's Day looked like a party political broadcast for UKIP or for that matter for the BNP. The disgusting hatred against Bulgarians and Romanians ignored one simple and easily verified fact.

There are over 5 million Brits working abroad. So a policy of "British jobs for British workers" could saddle us with a further 5 million unemployed as others respond with "Spanish jobs for Spanish workers" or "Argentine jobs for Argentine workers" etc etc.

Much has been made of the "pressure on services". What is not mentioned is that a quarter of all doctors and half of all nurses were born outside the UK. The health and welfare services would collapse if the UKIP "send them back" policy were carried out.

Yet again we have a government which has made a mess of the economy and the right look around for a convenient scapegoat. The economic crisis, they assert,  is not the fault of the government and the banks it is all mysteriously caused by Romania and Bulgaria. And the BBC think we are stupid enough to believe such nonsense.

The BBC has given up the whole idea of journalistic integrity in favour of kissing the backsides of the Tories and the scumbags of the far right. Is this in our best interests? I wonder if it is in theirs :)

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