Thursday, October 31, 2013

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month Nanowrimo have asked me for a cover for the book which will - no really - be completed by the beginning of December.

In this galaxy, a reasonable time ago.

I cannot synopsisise this book for two reasons. Firstly "synopsisise" is not a word and secondly I still don't know where I am going with this. I will have a better idea in November. I promise!

Meanwhile think about this. Mozart is often claimed as a German composer. He wasn't. He is often claimed as an Austrian Composer. He wasn't. How did gallant little Salzburg keep its independence?

Are its people the salt of the earth?

Excerpt to follow in November. Blimey that is only two days away. Yikes! (This book will be completely finished by the end of November or my name isn't...what was my name again?)

Pendant ce temps penser à ce sujet. Mozart est souvent revendiquée comme un compositeur allemand. Il n'était pas. Il est souvent revendiquée comme un compositeur autrichien. Il n'était pas. Comment galant peu Salzbourg ne garder son indépendance?

Sont ses gens le sel de la terre?

Extrait de suivre en Novembre. Mince alors c'est seulement deux jours de suite. Aïe! (Ce livre sera complètement terminé d'ici la fin de Novembre ou mon nom n'est pas ... ce qui était mon nom?)

Inzwischen darüber nachdenken. Mozart wird oft als ein deutscher Komponist beansprucht. Er war es nicht. Er wird oft als österreichischer Komponist beansprucht. Er war es nicht. Wie wenig galanten Salzburg halten ihre Unabhängigkeit?

Sind die Menschen das Salz der Erde?

Auszug im November folgen. Verdammt das ist nur zwei Tage weg. Huch! (Dieses Buch wird vollständig durch die Ende November abgeschlossen sein oder mein Name ist nicht ... was war mein Name?)


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Vote Martin Powell-Davies #1

As national strike action is postponed again, now, more than ever, NUT members need to vote for clear, consistent leadership.

So, look out for your ballot paper at your home address from October 30 and VOTE 1 FOR MARTIN POWELL-DAVIES IN THE NUT VICE-PRESIDENT ELECTION

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Perfect storm for moral champion Abbot

The bush fires are raging in the Sydney area right now and hard-pressed firefighters and volunteers are trying to keep them under control. And the politicians, what are they doing? They are blocking every attempt to curb their expenses claims for friend's weddings, excessive travel claims to attend the Tour de France and taxpayers' money for them to attend sporting events. Good to see they have their priorities right eh?

Tony Abbott's gang have been called a Kleptocracy. That seems to be a slur on Kleptomaniacs who have high moral standards compared with most politicians who pad their expense accounts and seem to have no conscience at all.  The Catholic Herald wrongly praised Abbott's homophobic demagogy as a high moral stand. Like all politicians he has feet of clay. What did they expect?

Like the Daily Telegraph expose of politicians with their hands in the till, the similar expose in Sydney could have unforeseen consequences if people begin to question what use these corrupt politicians are and seek to find an alternative.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free Schools

Secretary of State Michael Gove is reportedly 'relaxed' about being condemned by all the teachers' associations. His view of educational theory, expressed on Question Time. on the BBC was 'yadda yadda yadda'. This plays well with the Tory backwoodsmen whose votes he will need in his inevitable leadership bid.

His educational theory is epitomized by his 'free schools' They are free from educational theory, free from local authority support and most importantly free from qualified teachers.

It is small wonder that unqualified heads and teachers have found the job just a wee bit harder than they imagined. 

While schools face cuts in every area, the free school program has money to burn. An overspend of a billion pounds is something Gove is also 'relaxed' about.

Gove wrote a letter apologizing to his French teacher which was published in the Radio Times. Too little too late. An apology to all teachers and the pupils whose future he has betrayed would be a start. For most of us Gove's head on a plate would be too little too late!


Monday, October 07, 2013

Coalition MPs in expenses scandal

It would seem that it's the same the whole world over it's the rich wot gets the gravy and the poor wot takes the blame.

The Coalition in question is in Australia. Premier Abbot was forced to pay  back 1095 dollars spent on attending a wedding. His was the government The Catholic Herald thought was setting a fine moral example! He only set this particular example seven years after the event and after the media were asking questions!

A Labor MP took a trip costing 5474 dollars during which he took some personal time to watch the Tour de France.  The MP's name is Ripoll although it might be Ripoff from now on.

And while MPs are living the highlife they preach austerity - for the poor obviously, not for themselves