Thursday, December 05, 2013

Work until you drop

Some people work until they are seventy years old and beyond. They are generally admired as exceptional individuals.

The National Pensioners Convention commented on Osborne's plans - "Politicians can work beyond their mid-sixties and they have got a home for them called the House of Lords. You compare that with people who have worked all their life doing manual labour on low pay in a care home or digging up the roads and then ask them to keep working. It is just not right."

Life expectancy has increased, largely thanks to the National Health Service. This is not regarded as as cause for celebration but as "a problem" by the politicians. The likes of George Osborne are quite happy for their own life expectancy to improve but the lower classes insist on living too long and they have to be punished.

The result of the change is not that people will actually be able to go on working in demanding jobs up to the age of seventy. All that will happen is that they will be robbed of their pensions.

In a breathtaking piece of logic, the i newspaper's "analyst" has said that occupational pensions will take up the slack. Tell that to any public servant if you are fond of the sound of hollow laughter. The same government which is attacking the state pension has effectively robbed the occupational pensions of millions. 

You can trust them as far as you can comfortably spit a rat.

And Labour, well cynics are saying they will follow Osborne's lead on this "fairer" system because of the sums of money which can be saved by robbing pensioners. The money can be used for important stuff like wars, bankers' bonuses and MP's expenses so it wont be wasted :)

We need a party of the working class.

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