Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gove still relaxed

Education secretary Gove is notably relaxed. He is relaxed about profiteers running schools, relaxed about the PISA results which he of course blamed a predecessor for, relaxed about unqualified staff teaching in schools.
And today there is something else for Gove to be relaxed about. The National Audit Office has produced what is described as a "damning" report. They can join the teachers then. We have been damning Gove for a while.
The Free School scheme, it seems, had cost twice as much as predicted. Still it has provided friends of Gove such as Toby Young with a nice little earner. Comedienne Elizabeth Truss (Education minister) has responded, "I am pleased the NAO has recognised the progress we've made in opening 174 schools. Free Schools are one of the government's success stories." Clearly she didn't read the same report as everyone else because one of the criticisms has been that the government has been opening free schools without regard to the educational needs of the areas in which they are opened. The NAO is concerned about the lack of control over Free Schools. They can get away with murder. I am speaking metaphorically. I hope.

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