Saturday, November 30, 2013

National Novel Writing Month

Comments from characters in the book

“I am glad Xavier has written this book about The Swinging Fist but I am disappointed that he doesn't mention the very high quality of Old Hogshead ale and the very reasonable prices. Some of his comments on Firewater are a bit wide of the mark too. Lots of people enjoy it. Overall it is a good book though. Krix

“I was hoping this book would enable me to have a fling with a nicely-manicured young man who wasn't gay. I can guarantee that Terrence wouldn't have noticed. But I am afraid that is Xavier all over. He was just too busy trying to save the world to give a thought to his mother.” Geert Hollands

“A first class book all round. I am very pleased with how Xavier has portrayed the characters and events in The Town. My role could have been given a bit more prominence but it would be churlish to cavil in my view. Wolf-Dietrich Von Raitenau

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