Sunday, November 17, 2013

Crusade against Trade Unions

Owen Jones has tweeted that "This blatant co-ordinated crusade against Unite/trade unions by Murdoch lobbyists and the Tory frontbench has become a McCarthyite witchhunt."

It is also true that the cowardly ditching of the trade unions by Miliband has encouraged the Tories to seek to turn the clock back.

Clegg - who most people trust as far they could comfortably spit a rat - has pretended that the government will crack down on "poor management practices" as well as attacking the trade unions. And I'm the queen of Sheba.

It is of course only irresponsible trade unions which will be affected. From Clegg's speech it is clear that he means those trade unions who fight for their members.

If you think back to the police treatment of the miners under Thatcher you can see where Tory propaganda about "Trade Union bullying" ends up.

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