Thursday, October 17, 2013

Perfect storm for moral champion Abbot

The bush fires are raging in the Sydney area right now and hard-pressed firefighters and volunteers are trying to keep them under control. And the politicians, what are they doing? They are blocking every attempt to curb their expenses claims for friend's weddings, excessive travel claims to attend the Tour de France and taxpayers' money for them to attend sporting events. Good to see they have their priorities right eh?

Tony Abbott's gang have been called a Kleptocracy. That seems to be a slur on Kleptomaniacs who have high moral standards compared with most politicians who pad their expense accounts and seem to have no conscience at all.  The Catholic Herald wrongly praised Abbott's homophobic demagogy as a high moral stand. Like all politicians he has feet of clay. What did they expect?

Like the Daily Telegraph expose of politicians with their hands in the till, the similar expose in Sydney could have unforeseen consequences if people begin to question what use these corrupt politicians are and seek to find an alternative.


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