Saturday, October 12, 2013

Free Schools

Secretary of State Michael Gove is reportedly 'relaxed' about being condemned by all the teachers' associations. His view of educational theory, expressed on Question Time. on the BBC was 'yadda yadda yadda'. This plays well with the Tory backwoodsmen whose votes he will need in his inevitable leadership bid.

His educational theory is epitomized by his 'free schools' They are free from educational theory, free from local authority support and most importantly free from qualified teachers.

It is small wonder that unqualified heads and teachers have found the job just a wee bit harder than they imagined. 

While schools face cuts in every area, the free school program has money to burn. An overspend of a billion pounds is something Gove is also 'relaxed' about.

Gove wrote a letter apologizing to his French teacher which was published in the Radio Times. Too little too late. An apology to all teachers and the pupils whose future he has betrayed would be a start. For most of us Gove's head on a plate would be too little too late!


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