Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Politicians seek votes by attacking the muslim community

The rich and powerful will use any means necessary to defend their wealth and power. If that means turning their venom on defenceless women for what they are wearing then they will do just that.

Women who are deemed to be dressed too immodestly are told they are "asking to be raped." And women who wear the niqab are demonised in the press as if we didn't have anything more pressing to worry about.

Throughout history ruling elites have used 'divide and rule' to keep in power. Never mind that the politicians and corporations are robbing you blind. Look at that woman in a veil. She is your real enemy.

This is rubbish and the organisations of the working class need to tell them so. The politicians scent a cheap scapegoat. This ridiculous debate is not only insulting it is divisive and irrelevant.

Tory MP Philip Hollobone is wasting parliamentary time fulminating against the niqab. He even turns his back on any constituent who wears one. Didn't his mother teach him any manners? This wiseacre claims that he is "acting in the interests of muslim women". Apparently muslim women are oppressed by patriarchal Islam and the only cure for this is for them to be oppressed by white patriarchs like Hollobone. He knows what is in their best interests. Certainly he would not dream of allowing women to take their own decisions.

Hollobone was frightened by the Birmingham Metropolitan College ditching its ban on the niqab but this ban would have meant denying an education to a proportion of the population on the grounds of their religious belief and the way they dress. If we tolerate such discrimination where would it end?


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