Friday, September 27, 2013

Energy companies resist price freeze. Shocking!

Energy prices

The limited proposal for Labour to freeze energy prices has put a cat among the pigeons. The Daily Mail went into doubleplus rant mode and predicted disaster. Interestingly whereas a strike by workers gets them foaming at the mouth, a strike by the power companies would have their support.

The Independent had a news story that the energy companies would rather have the public pay higher prices than for their profits to take a hit. In what way is that news?

The fact of the matter is that a government which wanted to confront the fat cats would need to be prepared for vicious retaliation. Any supplier who cut off supplies would forfeit their rights. They could, if the government had the guts, face imprisonment for economic sabotage and profiteering. Six months in Strangeways would do them more good than those unhealthy bonuses. At the bare minimum the energy companies would have to be taken into public ownership. 

As for compensation, haven't you heard? Skivers have to work for their benefits these days. The prospect of fat cats having to work for their compensation would be popular. 

It was interesting, but probably irrelevant, that yesterday's men like El Portillo and Prince of Lies Mandelson rushed to toady to the power companies. The poor old things probably just wanted to see their names in the papers. 

Socialists will support a price freeze and damn the fat cats. At the same time the battle against Labour cuts, Labour evictions and Labour traitors will not be put on hold!

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