Saturday, September 28, 2013

BUPA Child Abuse!

The latest BUPA advert uses charming children to promote a benevolent cuddly image. 

If someone were to use children to, shall we say, oppose NHS privatisation you can just imagine the Daily Mail choking on the carpet fulminating about indoctrination and propaganda. 

The role of BUPA is to help people with money to jump the queue for health care. Queue jumping is the only crime which carries the death penalty. In this case it is those at the back of the queue who suffer and die waiting for care while BUPA pushes the ones with money to the front. 

Medical care should be based on health not wealth. If I want to see a cardiologist I have to wait months and then sit in an unprepossessing waiting room for three hours. They then take my blood pressure and say it is a bit high!

If a private patient wants to see the same cardiologist in the same NHS hospital they pick the date and time. 

So there is nothing nice about BUPA and using children to promote queue-jumping is child abuse. 

Every Tory cut (or Labour cut come to that) makes more people see bribing their way into health care an unfortunate necessity and BUPA profits. We need a health service which would make BUPA irrelevant. The political elite are not interested but the 99 percent are. We need a party to represent us. 

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