Sunday, September 08, 2013

Action speaks louder than words

Ronnie Draper of the bakers union speaking at the NSSN in  Bournemouth mentioned zero hours contracts. Workers at Hovis in Wigan were on strike over Zero Hours contracts. They have successfully got proper contracts for the workers on zero hours contracts. There will be further strike action over the abuse of agency workers.

The speeches from Bob Crow and Martin Powell-Davies were excellent. A joint strike by NASUWT and NUT is on the cards for this term. It is possible other unions could coordinate strike action on the same day. 

The blacklist support group has successfully got workers reinstated with the support of NSSN.

Frances O'Grady always speaks very well in condemning the government of the bankers.Action from the TUC would speak a lot louder however. It is true that the government can use the law against the unions if they seek to call a general strike.

I remember when a government was pig-headed enough to do so. They imprisoned five dockers in July 1972. There was a completely illegal strike (for which nobody was ever prosecuted) which spread like wildfire and the government was forced to produce the Official Solicitor like a rabbit out of a hat and release the dockers. More recently the POA held union meetings during working hours as a form of strike action.

An ounce of audacity is worth a ton of speeches. 
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