Monday, August 19, 2013


I sometimes lie awake at night wondering what I would do if I had insomnia.”

And sometimes I wake from a nitrate-lucid dream to find this:

I woke up but I didn’t yet open my eyes. My hands were still gripping the hilt of my sword from the dream. From experience I knew it would fade in my grasp and I would be holding nothing and all the beauty of the dream would fade into the grey of reality. The green forest, the sunshine, the women in improbable dresses and the knights in improbable armour would vanish and I would be back in Real Life and it would be time for work.

So I held fast to the hilt of the sword. And it didn’t fade and dwindle..

And thus began a strange adventure in the dreamscape of Arthurian legend.

It is just one of the stories in "The Mirror of Eternity"



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