Monday, August 05, 2013

Iain Duncan Smith pimping for lap-dancing club

Iain Duncan Smith has been called many things. However he can now add "pimp" to his CV. The government has gone out of its way to humiliate the unemployed. It is harder and harder to claim Job-Seekers' Allowance and one of the requirements is that if you are unemployed you have to use their website to look for work. And among the work available? Lap dancing in a club which offers "topless to fully nude dances" according to the i newspaper this morning. And of course if you turn down a job you lose your benefit

I will not be applying myself. I wonder if IDS would be happy for his wife to work in a lapdancing club. Or perhaps he fancies his own chances.

If you think you have heard this story before you are right. The last time this sordid business came to light in 2010 all the politicians swore on their mothers' graves (even the ones whose mothers were still alive!) that it would never happen again. A fat lot of use they are.

 IDS attracted attention for his insistence that he should get a handout from the state to pay for his rather expensive £39 breakfasts. A scrounger and a pimp it would seem.

When Labour was elected in  1945 one of its first acts was to insist that the unemployed be treated with respect. The present canaille of politicians, Lab Lib and Con, could not care less. We deserve better.

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