Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blair baying for blood in Syria

Tony Blair has jumped into the Syrian conflict with both boots. Blair is remembered as the man who redefined the sixties term "running dog of imperialism" as 'Bush's poodle' because of his slavish obedience to American imperialism.

Britain and America have massive stockpiles of chemical weapons. They are now on their moral high horse over the alleged use of such weapons by the hated Assad regime.

And their solution?

Well what do the British taxpayers want more than yet another bloody war when we cannot feed our own poor?

What do the people of Syria need more than American carpet bombing? Some 'shock and awe'. You would think they had enough of that.

And what on earth makes Cameron and his canaille think they can run Syria when they are making such a mess of running the United Kingdom?

This is a planned imperialist war. Pure and simple.

In the Middle East he is called the mass murdering war criminal.


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