Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Academy for Homophobia

Homophobia, particularly name-calling and bullying, is an issue which all teachers are aware of. For example even OFSTED objected that name-calling is “commonplace” at the Hope Academy in St Helens and teachers need to be trained in how to deal with derogatory language appropriately.

Those were the findings of Ofsted inspectors who visited the multi-faith secondary school.
Inspectors who held meetings with 40 students from different age groups were told that homophobic language was the norm.

The problem with academies, it seems is not just a matter of rogue pupils mouthing off. The problem would seem to go right to the top.

An investigation by The Independent refers to a return of Section 28, Margaret Thatcher's disgusting attack on gay community which prevented "the promotion of homosexuality" which could include such things as treating gay people with respect.

The Grace Academy chain based in Coventry, Darlaston and Solihull, all of which opened after section 28’s repeal. Their policy, dated from last November, says ‘Objective discussion of homosexuality may take place in the classroom, including discussion of homophobic behaviour.  The Governing Body will not permit the promotion of homosexuality.’

Tasker Milward VC School in Pembrokeshire. Their policy dates from 2008 but says ‘Section 28 of the Local Government Action does not prevent teachers from addressing issues of homosexuality in the classroom in a neutral and unbiased manner, however, the LA shall not intentionally promote homosexuality or publish material which actively promotes homosexuality.’

Northumberland Church of England Academy, which opened in 2009 and most recently reviewed their policy in November last year. The school is a Stonewall School Champion and staff spoke on faith schools and homophobia at this year’s Education for All conference. They say ‘The Northumberland Church of England Academy and the Governing Body will not permit the promotion of homosexuality.’

The same language as is used by the Kremlin to justify its witch-hunt against the gay community is being promoted by Gove's flagship academies. He can hardly deny all knowledge or responsibility for the disgraceful behaviour of academies.

And of course, let's not forget that academies do not have to employ qualified teachers so any Tom Dick or Harriet without any training in dealing with homophobia could be in charge of your children.

The website of the anti academies alliance is http://antiacademies.org.uk/



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