Saturday, July 13, 2013

Privatisation = corruption

G4S and Serco, beloved of the Conservative Party, are tasked with delivering public services better and cheaper than the public sector. What they do manage to deliver is millions of pounds of public money into private pockets.

The Olympics Fiasco did not prevent the Con-Dem government from blindly pushing ahead with privatisation projects. The Serious Fraud Office has been called in by the justice secretary to investigate G4S for overcharging tens of millions of pounds on electronic tagging contracts for offenders.

This is unlikely to stop the political elite's love affair with privatisation but it does expose to the public the disgusting corruption underlying the privatisation process. Privatisation does not demonstrate the vitality of capitalism but its rapacious nature. No political party opposes privatisation. The trade unions do oppose privatisation. It is no accident that "One Nation Labour" (the heirs of Disraeli) want to demonise the trade unions.

The trade unions created the Labour Party but the political elite have moved a long way from Labour's roots. MPs are too busy being creative with their expenses to care about the mere working classes. And soon the political elite will be wallowing in their 11 percent pay rise because the poor things cannot possibly make ends meet on a mere £65,738.

A party which opposes the whole corrupt capitalist system is long overdue.

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