Friday, July 05, 2013

Greedy MPs

As a means of setting a cat among the pigeons, the i newspaper published a tongue in cheek article by Chris Blackhurst suggesting MPs should be paid £200,000 a year as a way to make them less corrupt.

This led to an explosive response from readers as you can imagine. Suggestions included:

* This is no better than Danegeld - if you pay criminals fabulous sums, they will just come back for more.

* The bankers are a case in point. Allowing them to walk off with million pound bonuses has not decreased their appetite for more, more, more.

* a vicar pointed out that the stipend of a C of E vicar is around £24,000 plus a fully-funded house in the "constituency" however to get the money they have to do useful work.

* the market values espoused by all three parties suggest that where supply exceeds demand the price does not go up. Plenty of people want to become MPs. Three applicants for every job. A case for a wage cut for most employers.

* If MPs were on Performance Related Pay they would be paying us, not the other way round. The rate of absenteeism in the Commons chamber is appalling.

Well done, Chris Blackhurst :) MPs like Dave Nellist managed on a skilled worker's wage. It helps to keep them in touch with reality.

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