Tuesday, July 23, 2013

G4S licence to kill?

What to do with a 100 kg guard who fatally restrains a 40 kg boy?
Promote him to health and safety manager, G4S children's homes.

This story by investigative journalist Clare Sambrook makes shocking reading. One wonders whether our children are really safe in G4S's hands.
The link is here

In the same website, there is an article showing how G4S, aware of their poor public profile, are now trying to conceal their identity when taking on children's homes.

The link is here

Will this stop the political elite from privatising everything in sight to the enormous benefit of G4S? No. Only decisive action from the trade unions can do that.

The NSSN has announced that Ian Lawrence, the recently elected General Secretary of the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) will be addressing their rally on September 8th. NAPO is currently engaged in a very serious dispute with the government over the privatisation of 70% of core probation services. You have three guesses who will benefit if this goes ahead.

There will be a lobby of TUC conference in Bournemouth on September 8th pushing for the TUC to name the date for a 24 hour general strike.

G4S have a reputation for "restraint" which can kill. 

Jimmy Mubenga died after G4S restrained him.




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