Monday, July 15, 2013

White Cliffs of Beachy Head update

I would like to know why the Beachy Head Countryside Shop sells golliwogs. Irrespective of whether you find them offensive (and most people do) I wonder about the Beachy Head connection. Are the seagulls all white supremacists? Have the sheep joined the EDL?


There has been an article in the Eastbourne Herald on this issue. The comments from Eastbourne readers are entirely white supremacist.

The response from the shop is:

Firstly, we appreciate that a few do get upset by these dollies, but an
awful lot more like them, and we have sold large numbers over the last six
or seven years.

The firm who supply them tell us that these dollies are one of their most
popular items which they sell to shops all over the country.

We respect the right of everyone to their views but the vast majority of
comments we get are favourable.

We are a small charity which relies for our funding on goods sold in the
shop and these dollies continue to make a useful contribution to our funds.

Yours sincerely

On Behalf of the Committee

Their address is if you have any comments. The reply does not tell us the Beachy Head connection for these gratuitously offensive dolls.

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