Thursday, June 27, 2013

The happy benefit scrounger

It is not all doom and gloom. One benefit scrounger ought to be smiling  and for once the Bishop of London won't be baying for her blood and pontificating about her greed as he has every other pensioner in the land.

The Sovereign Grant, which funds the Queen's spending as Head of State, will rise in 2014 from £36m to £38m. So no benefit cap or cuts for her then. And she wont have to take a trip to to tide her over.

We all know what it's like living in a draughty old palace - or several draughty old palaces - and desperately trying to make ends meet. So as we watch the winter fuel allowance dwindle into insignificance. As we prepare to join the 2500 pensioners who will die from the cold in the run up to Christmas, we can rest easy in our beds knowing that one greedy pensioner at least is getting a nice warm glow from our money.

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