Thursday, June 13, 2013

May God forgive the Bishop of London


The notoriously well-fed Bishop of London has launched an unprovoked attack on pensioners. We are all greedy and overprivileged and a burden on the state.We are not like Lady Thatcher whom he eulogised to such an extent that the sales of sick bags went up all over the country.

Government spending on 'baby boomers'  – those born in the 20 years after the Second World War – the Bishop pontificates ‘raises questions of intergenerational equity’. The fact of the matter is that pensioners are at the sharp end of cuts in benefits and public spending and many look to the church for some kind of support.

I am beginning to sound like Victor Meldrew but "I don't believe it!" When Bishops and politicians start talking about pensioners as a burden on the state how far away are we from some kind of "final solution" for the lot of us? No more pensions for you guys and here's a bottle of cyanide?

I forgive the Bishop of London. I am thinking of taking him off my Christmas Card list though
The National Pensioners Convention are doing their bit to oppose the Bishop's ungodly rhetoric. 

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Beth McMillan said...

Don't let them put a red peg on you!