Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Different realities - the world of Tomb Raider

A study based on letters from pupils to Lara Croft - the heroine of Tomb Raider, the video game. Students of Cyberpsychology have found this useful. Fans of the game have found it interesting and if you are quick you can pick up a free copy before 16th June. It is very reasonably priced after that :)

Are Video games addictive?
Do Video games reinforce male stereotypes?
Computers and Personality
Cyber Pets
What is Tomb Raider?
Tomb Raider as Sport
Different realities
The Tomb Raider Phenomenon
The six faces of Lara:
Lara #1 Lara within the game
The concept of cleverness
Sport and fitness
Lara #2 Lara as a person with a life outside the game
Lara #3 Lara as programmer
Lara #4 Lara with a will of her own
Lara #5 A sexualized Lara
Lara #6 Lara as a potential friend/confidante
Summary – Boys and girls
Lara as a mirror 
The concept of cleverness
Lara as transitional object

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