Monday, June 10, 2013

Conspiracy Theories

Politicians like to sneer about “Conspirary Theories.” Question the frankly incredible official version of the Kennedy assassination? Conspiracy Theorist! Wonder aloud if Mr Blair was telling the whole truth about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction? Conspiracy Theorist!

And as for those people who think Computer moguls like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are collecting data about your internet and computer usage. Conspiracy...oh just a minute, that's not a theory. That is a fact. They even boast about it. They are collecting all this data to “improve the product” or to “provide you with better advertisements” (as if you were asking them to send you adverts!) or to “make your experience more satisfactory. “

Harmless? Even benign?

Or are you concerned that this information is being sold to the US government and indirectly to the UK government?

Do you think the UK government is being economical with the truth when it boasts that its intelligence gathering is only targeted on terrorists and criminals and if you disagree you must be a terrorist or a criminal yourself. “Only the guilty have anything to fear.” to quote Willie Hague

Do you get the sneaking feeling that you can only trust this ConDem government as far as you could comfortably spit a rat?

You're one of those Conspiracy Theorists aren't you?
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