Monday, April 15, 2013

You know when you've been fraped

One of the irritating things about Facebook is the little tick box "keep me logged in". It frequently comes up with a tick already in it so if you do not have your wits about you - and I don't always have my wits about me! - then you are still logged in next time somebody uses the computer.

What happens then is what Angela's daughter Liz called "getting fraped". My experience of this has been harmless and salutary. One comment was posted ostensibly from me telling the world that I had just been fraped!

However, you might click "like" next to something on a website and suddenly find that you have just told all your 500 friends about it. That may not have been your intention.

The Teacher Support Network does issue advice on staying safe online. It is just a question of having your wits about you....come back wits, I need you now.

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