Sunday, October 21, 2012

Austerity isn't working

The government response to the TUC march on 20th October was "we don't care what you plebs think, we won't change our brilliant policy." So no surprises there then. This means that Mark Serwotka and Bob Crow may well get their way and precipitate a general strike. See if the patricians will listen then :)

Commentators have noted that Miliband was booed when he tried to turn an anti-cuts rally into a pro-cuts rally. People are not keen on "nice Labour cuts" - or as one banner said "Labour = same cuts with a different knife".

The trade unions should stop throwing good money after bad Labour policies and fight for the policies they believe in:

* make the rich pay for the crisis they caused

* give the people the welfare state they deserve.

No more kowtowing to polticians. People should not fear their governments. Perhaps it is time governments started to fear the people.

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