Saturday, March 28, 2015

Vote for slavery - get slavery

To coin a phrase, 'don't vote for freedom, you might not get it. Vote for slavery. You've got a cinch on that' (Debs)

The same old weasels are telling us to "Vote Labour to get the Tories out." Labour cuts are better than Tory cuts?  Labour privatisation is better than Tory privatisation? Ask people in Iraq if Labour bombs are better than Tory bombs.

And don't forget Blair's £100000 blood money bribe to Labour. Vote Miliband get Blair is not an election-winning slogan.

As they used to say when I was a lot younger,
"Labour Tory both the same 
puppets in the bosses' game."

TUSC have a real chance to make a difference. It was founded in the first place because working people cannot trust the Labour traitors. If we keep holding our noses and voting Labour we will suffocate! #socialistreviews

Sunday, March 22, 2015

No need for anti-racism?

According to the Institute for Race Relations, a body Nigel Farage could do without, "More than 500 black and ethnic minority individuals have died in suspicious circumstances while in state detention over the past 24 years, but not a single official has been successfully prosecuted." I wonder how Ukippers feel about this.

The i talks about "UKIP in meltdown." Is it not rather that the more extreme racist views are heard from UKIP the more such ideas gain in credibility. The media-fuelled hysteria over immigration allows politicians of all parties to make racist statements. The media seldom interview migrants. Migrants are only seen as shadowy figures and linked to terrorism, unemployment, NHS waiting lists - you name it. The migrant is the new scapegoat for all the ills of capitalism.

And the real villains of the piece? Only TUSC seem to be talking about the one percent who hog all the wealth and will use any dirty trick to make sure they keep hold of it!

All the politicians are receiving dirty money from hedge funds, even indirectly the dictatorship in Kazakstan who keep Blair in clover. Only TUSC relies on money from ordinary people. And today they need it more than ever.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Hysteria against migrants

BBC South East have produced an exposé of people trafficking. In the run up to the election we can expect more and more coverage about migrants. The BBC like to appear respectable and not racist but the choice of the issue of immigration rather than the issue of racism gives the impression that the first is a problem but the second is not worthy of TV coverage.

The link is here

What was missing was any compassion for the migrants. They were not seen as human beings. There were plenty of interviews but the BBC refused to talk to any of the migrants. Their stories were likely to be more interesting than this hysterical exposé.

What was their crime? Going to Italy. You would think Ukippers everywhere would cheer about migrants leaving the country but no.

The gutter press will be full of anti-migrant stories of course. If you expected any better from the BBC you will have been disappointed.

The next step in privatisation

From "The Mirror of Eternity" blog

The Dictatorship took the next logical step in privatisation. The Dictator abolished the law and the police force. Some police officers were re-employed at a reduced salary and given the jobs of eliminating the enemies of the dictator - a job which was often subcontracted to criminal gangs - and infiltrating said criminal gangs.

Law enforcement was entirely in the hands of the gangs. They had access to all the police files and the use of derelict police stations.

This is in the parallel universe of The Miranda Revolution. It could not possibly happen in the real world...or could it?

I mean the government wouldn't sell off the Royal Mail for a song. They wouldn't hand over the prisons to private companies of proven incompetence. They wouldn't allow profiteering on an industrial scale in education. Yet they have.

#mirror of eternity

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How to contact The Guardian

Well first you have to want to contact The Guardian and it is not for everybody. However they have a very useful page with detailed information as follows
Click here

Pursuing this theme, I found The Times have a similar page
Click here
Under most circumstances you are better off stapling a hedgehog to your face than contacting a Murdoch newspaper!

The Independent is a bit more complicated but anyone who works there can usually be contacted by

Friday, March 13, 2015

Quirky Take on the Election

The Pet Dog Democratic Party Manifesto
Click here to try before you buy

The 2015 general election seems to have been going on since 2010. If you want an antidote to the boring platitudes from boring platitudinarians then look no further. This book has parts which are laugh-out-loud funny. It starts with an interesting alternative to shaking hands based on the behaviour of dogs and it gets funnier.

In addition there is a sustained and persistent political satire. You will notice I avoided the adjective "dogged". It is a gentle satire but none the less effective for that.

I would not dream of suggesting Rosemary J Kind is barking  (after all she publishes my short stories). I will just say that it is a good thing Alfie Dog has a level head on his shoulders.

Buy this book.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Trainers on the ground?

Private Eye derided Cameron's posturing over the Ukraine. No boots on the ground just trainers.

Napoleon, then Hitler, now Cameron wants to take on Russia. History repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce.

Napoleon Cameron has not got a cat in Hell's chance of winning against Russia. NATO is playing a stupid and dangerous game but it is not the politicians' lives on the line. They will send better people than themselves out to die.

And who said it was the white man's burden to go out and sort out a complex civil war in which an ethnic minority Russian community feel under threat and Moscow sees its chance to defend its borders against NATO incursions? It was probably Kipling. It might have been Michael Gove. This ludicrous sabre-rattling ahead of an election should fool nobody. A Government in deep trouble at home tries to divert attention by baiting the Russian bear.

The Western powers are playing a very dangerous game. It is one thing to attack a country they know very well did not have weapons of mass destruction. I don't think the Russian ICBMs are a convenient fiction. They are real enough.

And when pensioners and the unemployed have to make hard decisions because of lack of money, we suddenly have billions to squander on this dangerous nonsense? Have we?

Monday, March 09, 2015

Free schools and amateurism


Six Book Challenge

The Six Book Challenge involves reading six books in six months. You can do this.

The website has all sorts of possibilities to swap information about books so I recommend you give it a try. If you are a teacher, your pupils can take part too.