Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hold your nose and vote Labour?

I understand that people may vote Labour to get the Tories out. I just think we could do a lot better if the unions refused to fund candidates who support privatisation or cuts. That would rule out most of the Labour Party :-) #socialistreviews

Friday, September 19, 2014

Labour's actions in Scotland are a warning to workers in England and Wales

The Tories could not have organised the "no" campaign on their own. They needed stooges and lickspittles North of the border.

Step forward the Darling/Brown double-act. Without the Labour Traitors it is unlikely in the extreme that the Tories could have carried the day. Darling deserves a knighthood from the Tories. Brown, a peerage at least.

In the period leading up to the referendum the polls showed a big shift among Labour supporters to the "Yes" camp but the Labour Traitors pulled out all the stops to help the Tories to win.

The empty promises of constitutional reform will be drafted "by January 2015" and then there will be a general election. If anything is left of these pie-in-the-sky reforms by then it will not be worth the paper it is written on.

The only reason these wiseacres were even *talking* about pretending to give more powers to Scotland was because of the Yes campaign.

What they feared most of all was the simple fact that all the parties of capitalism - Lib Lab Con - (perhaps LIBLABCON will be the name under which they fight the next election) backed the "No" campaign. The Yes vote was a massive rejection of their perspective of cuts and more cuts.

The "no" result is a setback for workers in Britain as a whole. International solidarity does not recognise any borders. The policy of "austerity" is a sham. There is no "austerity" for millionaires like Cameron. There are just "tough choices" for the rest of us. The response must cross borders. Action from the unions, action from the TUC rather than fine words are what is required now.

The NSSN has forced the TUC to get off its knees before. It can do it again. Cameron and his Labour Traitor allies have won the battle. They must not win the war.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Andrew Neil reduced to sneers by Tommy Sheridan

If Scotland votes YES today it will be a massive defeat for the parties of Austerity - Lab, Lib and Con.
It will also be a defeat for the unholy trinity of Tony Blair, Cilla Black and Cliff Richard

Monday, September 15, 2014

The abominable "no" men

The increasingly panic stricken chuckle brothers, Gordon Brown and
Alistair Darling are decrying the "narrow nationalism" of the Scots. At
the same time they are orchestrating a disgusting nationalist campaign
to frighten Scots into "rallying round the flag." They are a disgrace.

Worse yet, the Rt Hon Tony Blair, or "mass-murdering war criminal Tony
Blair" as he is popularly known in the Middle East, has decided to throw
his weight behind the pro-Tory campaign in Scotland. Matthew Norman in
today's "i" newspaper has concluded "Whatever Thursday's referendum
brings, Mr Salmond has been blessed in his opponents."

The people of Scotland have a right to self-determination. The
Conservative and Unionist Party has always opposed that right. They at
least are being consistent. Kier Hardy the Labour Party founder, was a
keen advocate of Home Rule both for Scotland and Ireland. He must be
turning in his grave to hear the Labour Traitors grovelling to the
English Tories.

As for the Liberal Democrats, who on earth cares what they think after
they let the Tories form the most right-wing administration since Thatcher.

However the vote goes, the pro-austerity parties are in for a rough
ride. The Scottish working class increasingly sees the Independence
referendum as a way to "give the effing Tories a kicking" for good and
all. That feeling will not go away. The opportunites to pursue a
Socialist Scotland will be enormous.



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Jack London's Suicide Note

I am working on a short story (very short - flash fiction) about Jack London. Jack London did not commit suicide. He died from taking two medications at the same time and left a note about his plans for the next day. 
The myth of his suicide was useful for those who hated Socialism and therefore hated Jack London.
Forty years ago I had a discussion with my college lecturer about what Jack London's suicide note would have been like. There are enough indications in Martin Eden and John Barleycorn that he understood despair and fought against it. 
As for the short story (which my iPhone keeps trying to call a 'shirt' story) you will have to wait and see.

Friday, September 12, 2014

The true face of politics

The Scottish Referendum shows the true face of politics. The
Conservative Party's lieutenants in Scotland are Alistair Darling and
Brown. Hardly the dynamic duo, their campaigning consists of empty
threats and insincere promises. The fact that the Labour Traitors spend
night and day working for the Conservatives tells you all you need to
know about them.

Empty threats - the bullsh*t over the currency is a classic case. If you
vote the wrong way we will punish you by taking away our pound. A
schoolyard threat - if I lose the game I'm taking home my ball. The day
after Scottish independence the English government will have to deal
with the reality of an independent Scotland and the obvious fact that no
country wants to discourage the use of its currency or indeed has any
power to stop it.

And as for the last minute panic attempt to get the supermarkets to
raise prices if the Scots dare to vote against Cameron and crew; it was
immediately torpedoed by Tescos who will of course do no such thing.
Supermarkets spend billions to convince people their prices are the
lowest. Does Cameron know the first thing about capitalism? Surely if
Asda say "We'll punish you Scots" Scots will say "we're off to the Co-op
ye Tory bastards!"

The empty promises are as much use as Nick Clegg's solemn vow to get rid
of tuition fees, or Obama's pledge to close Guantanamo bay. As Mary
Poppins put it, "That's a pie crust promise, easily made and easily broken."

And this campaign also shows the real role of the banks and big
business. We have party political broadcasts by bankers telling the
Scots to vote as the Tories tell them or else.

I do not have a vote in this referendum. If the No campaign wins it will
be a victory for the bankers and a victory for the politics of
intimidation. The Tories backed Lithuania when it wanted to break away
from Russia. The Tories backed Estonia when it wanted to break away from
Russia. The Tories backed Latvia when it wanted to break away from
Russia. They are hypocrites and liars.

All power to the Yes campaign. #hopenotfear


Thursday, September 11, 2014

Foot in Mouth Cameron

Cameron threatens the Scots they could be rid of the Tories permanently.

 Some threat! The "effing Tories" deserve a good kicking. If it is permanent, nobody in Scotland will mourn.

The attempts of the banks and financial institutions to intimidate the Scottish people show their true colours. Empty threats and empty promises.