Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heart treatment

Today I was discharged from hospital following free heart treatment  In America it would cost 3-11 thousand dollars for cardiac catheterisation. Let Cameron and his Eton chums have their way and that is what we will get. 

And I was treated by people that cheeky Adolf Farage would hate ��

Friday, July 10, 2015

What the fox?

The government are set to ditch the ban on fox hunting. Bad news for foxes but of course this is more important than the NHS or care for the sick and disabled. Their next proposal? Hunting the poor with dogs?

We now know the SNP has shot their fox! Oh that smarts! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Left Books

Left books are now stocking The Miranda Revolution. I am very pleased about this because I have a long association with Left Books (dating back to 1968)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The right to die could be the only right we have left!

As the politicians are hell-bent on destroying human rights isn't it nice to know they have our best interests at heart. A private member's bill will go before the Commons in September which will give us "the right to die."

I appreciate that the courts may well deal leniently with someone who assists a terminally ill person to die. If however it is decided that killing disabled people is no longer murder it really will prove that we are "children of a lesser God."

And why is the media narrative all about people who want to assist suicide and never about disabled people who want to live?

Monday, June 01, 2015

Poverty-stricken monarch needs cash

What is a nurse worth? What is a teacher worth? A doctor? A fireman?

One can bet it's not 40,000,000 pounds a year. That is what the taxpayer is paying out in these hard times for one royal parasite, a Mrs Windsor who gives her address as Buckingham Palace.

While public servants have had little or nothing in the way of pay rises, Queenie has had a wopping 29 percent increase in three years. It seems one cannot manage on a mere 31,000,000 pounds.

Still, not to worry. It is reported (in the i newspaper today) that Cameron and Osborne are going to crack down on all this extravagance. Hell is due to freeze over in the same week.


Monday, May 11, 2015

Human Rights "in context"

The government denies any abolition of human rights. They will just give them a context. The Government's "context" for human rights is that of the old National Front, "put Britain first". The NF had many admirers of Adolf Hitler who, you may remember, had his own context for human rights too. The disgusting xenophobia of UKIP is pushing the Tories to the right. They did not need much pushing.

"Britain First" is a neo-Nazi group which campaigns against the human rights act, against mosques and against migrants. Interesting bedfellows, Mr Cameron.

The rich have all the rights they want or need. Under Gove, the concept of "universal human rights" will get a kicking. And anyone who literally gets a kicking from British forces overseas will lose the right to have their day in court.

For Cameron, human rights are a nuisance. They are an example of the EU interfering in the right of the Conservatives to do whatever they want. For many people that is the only use the EU has: once in a while it stays the hand of the Conservatives. Now the Bullingdon bullies can give you a good old fashioned clip round the ear without anyone interfering.

There is an article in The Independent about this.

Many people have speculated that the Tories' desire to get rid of human rights shows exactly how inhuman this government is going to be.

The Daily Mirror is suggesting a number of ways to oppose the Tories. The most extraordinary is the suggestion that you "join a political party" and their list of parties included UKIP and the DUP for crying out loud! It does not include TUSC.

Other suggestions include joining a trade union which is more sensible than any other. We need strong unions whichever shower is in power.

Don't mourn, organise