Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Bosses' Law

The two most significant movements in my lifetime were in fact illegal. The fight against the Poll Tax was illegal but it defeated the Poll Tax and brought down the hated Margaret Thatcher.
The massive illegal strike wave when a Conservative government imprisoned five dockers in 1972 ended in a humiliating defeat for the Conservatives.
Unite the union is not advocating murder or arson (whatever the Daily Mail may pretend!). However, unjust laws have to be opposed.


I don't have a vote in the Tory leadership election but I think Jacob Rees-Mogg is the nineteenth century's answer to Momentum and he can put those working classes in their place. Also "Moggy Moggy Moggy Out Out Out" has a certain resonance to it.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Our practice nurse told me they used to practise taking blood samples from each other during training. How widespread is this? Do cops practise beating each other up? Do lawyers practise lying to other trainee lawyers? As for OFSTED bullies, let's not go there. 

Thursday, September 07, 2017


MPs define "unskilled" as anyone earning less than £30,000. MPs earn a lot more than £30,000 and the job requires no specific skills whatsoever.

There is however, a "magic money tree" for MPs salaries and perks. Who can forget Adolf Duncan Smith and his £39 breakfast at our expense? The Mirror calculated that

"Iain Duncan Smith's breakfast cost 557 times the amount to be spent on kids' morning meals."

The crackdown on "unskilled" migrants is racism pure and simple. The BBC has been quick to find businesses which oppose the government's plans. That is not the same as saying that it is immoral and disgraceful.

Yet again Teresa May has taken the opportunity of a demonstration by nurses against low pay to show her contempt. Apparently nurses are to be dismissed as "this, that and the other." I can think of a few things nurses might say about May!





Thursday, August 17, 2017

Steve Bannon

According to the BBC,  Steve Bannon has distanced himself from White Nationalist "clowns". Bannon however is regarded as a far-right influence in the Trump administration. Far from providing firm leadership, Trump has in fact faced one way, then another and then back to the start on Nazis.

His photograph with a portrait of Hitler has not helped.

There is a growing consensus in the Republican Party that Trump is out of control and something of a loose cannon. By distancing himself from White Nationalists, Bannon is distancing himself from Trump's statement. The administration is falling apart.





Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Top of the Lake

I just caught up with "Top of the Lake". It is hard to believe men have such dreadful attitudes to women. Having said which I would lay a bet that every piece of misogyny is a quote from somebody! The teenagers sitting around with their laptops and rating prostitutes seem a caricature but if it does anything to make people look at their own attitudes and behaviour it is no bad thing.

The title is clever, a girl of "Asian appearance" is called "China Girl" in a depersonalised way and the poster for the series uses "China Girl" to refer to the fragility of the detective, Robin Griffin played by Elizabeth Moss.





Sunday, August 13, 2017

Trotsky and Blair

In the Moscow trials, the Stalinists accused Trotsky of being a fascist and working for the Nazis. The trials included evidence that Trotskyists had met at a hotel which had been demolished years before. The fundamental premise was invalidated when Stalin changed his policy and went into alliance with Hitler.

The latest accusation, attempting to link Trotsky, 77 years after his death, to the mass murdering war criminal Tony Blair is just as disgraceful.

Say what you like about Trotsky, he wasn't a lickspittle of American Imperialism.